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The LifeAge Project will foster synergy with, and between, local, regional, national and international policies to promote sport and physical activity, in close relationship with the Active Ageing policy as defined by the European Commission: it means helping people stay in charge of their own lives for as long as possible as they age and, where possible, to contribute to the economy and society.

As expressed in the Guiding Principles for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (The Employment Committee – The Social Protection Committee), “Older people make a significant contribution to the economy and society, but as their health and education levels improve over time, their contributions can be further enhanced.

This could be done by making full use of their potential by optimizing opportunities for physical, social and mental well-being throughout the life course. This is the aim of the «active ageing» policy approach.

In this regard, the LifeAge Project aims to encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity and being in line with the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.



The main objective is to investigate the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on physiological and psychological parameters in the adult population over 50 years old up to 64 years of age and in the population over 65 years of age in several European countries. So that with the obtained results, they help PHASE 2. This will be achieved by means of:

Intellectual Output 1 – Study

Standard questionnaires and face-to-face interviews will be conducted to identify the habits of the target group and their current health situation, including questions related to healthy life styles, regular physical exercise, physical condition test, etc. The field work will be complemented by data management and analysis by the involved countries. Click here to check the handbook.

Intellectual Output 2 – Focus Groups

To strengthen the value of this phase, a focus group will be selected in each partner country to test with physical proof the health reality of the target group.

Intellectual Output 3 – The Life Age Report.

A joint report of IO1 and IO2 will be edited at the end of the Phase, to support the launch of the Phase II. Click here to check the paper.


Once the consequences have been evaluated, in Phase 2 several strategies are carried out to teach adults and seniors the benefits of being active, in order to prevent chronic diseases and the effects of a sedentary lifestyle to age with health and a better quality of life.

Intellectual Output 4 – Tools for a Healthy Lifestyle for people 55+

An international ONLINE seminar (IO4.1.) will gather experts from the partner organizations, to define, to design and to schedule the production of the following tools:

Intellectual Output 5 – Seminars.

It will be implemented three types of seminars (adult training, elderly people training, training of trainers/coaches) based on the finding of Phase I and in connection with the Mobile App possibilities.

Intellectual Output 6 – COMIC for children and young people to Educate «How to grow old with Health».

An educational COMIC will be created for children and adolescents, to teach healthy habits and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. It will also include some exercise recommendations to make them more active.

Intellectual Output 7 – Educational Platform.

It is an online platform based on a Virtual Learning Environment model that will include the materials that will be taught in training workshops for adults and seniors and for the professionals who direct these programs. Click here to go to the Educational Plattform.


While the dissemination activities will be transversally implemented since the beginning of the project and will continue until the end of the project, the exploitation of results and the wide dissemination of them will happen in a third phase, after the successful testing of the tools and the training activities.

Within this phase, the following elements are included:

  • Mass media, press conferences and social networks.
  • Multiplier events held in each partner country.

Intellectual Output 8 – Short Video production for the multiplier events.

The UCAM will be responsible for the promotional video «LifeAge» that will educate about the benefits of living an active lifestyle for the prevention of chronic diseases and aging with health and quality of life.

Intellectual Output 9 – Final International Congress.

The Project will present the results of the research, as well as the material published in the «International Congress LifeAge on Prescription of Exercise for Active Aging» to be held at the headquarters of the UCAM.