Promoting the shift from sedentary Lifestyle towards active Ageing

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The current project entitled “Promoting the shift sedentary Lifestyle towards active Ageing – LifeAge”, aims to contribute increasing social awareness of the need for physical activity as the basis of healthy lifestyle by changing habits of adults and elderly. The project is coordinated by the FUNDACIÓN UNIVERSITARIA SAN ANTONIO – UCAM from Murcia (SPAIN) and co-funded by the European Commission Programme ERASMUS+ SPORT. The project consortium consists of a partnership with the University of Cádiz – UCA (Spain), the Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Itálico” (Italy), Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University of Limerick (Ireland) and the Latvijas Universitāte (Latvia). The project is a Collaborative Partnership, starting in January 2019 and ending in December 2020.

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The general objective for undertaking this project is to tackle the challenges of growing obesity and its special objective is to assess the health consequences of ageing and sedentary lifestyle among adults and elderly in developing countries involved in the project as well as to raise awareness about importance of active lifestyle and healthy nutrition in all countries involved.This will be done by including adults (50 – 64 years and +65 years; primarily those who are overweight, obese, with low strength, sarcopenia/dynapenia or with low level of physical activity) into regular sports activities accompanied by indoor and outdoor events and workshops on healthy nutrition.

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Meeting 6 & The LifeAge Project Comic – Open Conference (Riga, Latvia. September 2020)

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Meeting 7 & The LifeAge Project Results – International Congress (Murcia, Spain. December 2020)

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It combines physical activity and balanced diet as the most effective way to increase general health, mental development in adults and elderly and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, sarcopenia/dynapenia, low strength and functional capacity.

The innovative aspect of the LifeAge Project is based on the answer to a real need, supported by scientific studies and European level statistics and research, by providing a friendly-user tool to elderly people 55+ not only in the consortium partner countries but in the rest of the EU, by means of using ICT devices (as smartphones and tablets) to support physical activity in their lives as an important part of the daily routine leading to a new, healthy, lifestyle.